About Those Deficits...

So, how about those record deficits that are going to be the death of us if Bush's evil tax-cuts are made permanent? As the economy stagnates and dies due to misguided Republican policies. That was a big campaign issue, wasn't it, how the economy was in terrible shape? The media kept saying it was awful, awful, awful.

Oh, wait, the government is taking in RECORD REVENUE.

Even more than during the dot-com boom times.

The deficit is shrinking again.

Tax cuts stimulated the economy to new growth, ultimately raising tax collection.
WASHINGTON - The government has hit a financial milestone — taking in more money in tax revenue in a single day than ever before.
The government's coffers have been swelling this year as tax receipts from both individuals and corporations have been on the rise, reflecting an improving economy. Because of those increases, this year's federal deficit is expected to fall to around $350 billion, down from the $413 billion record in dollar terms set in 2004.

Treasury Secretary John Snow said the new record in tax revenue was "good news for our efforts to reduce the budget deficit" and further evidence of the strength of the economy.
Democrats however would like to raise taxes, and kill this golden goose.

Because it feels so good to take money from the rich, and then dole it back to special interests to make them beholden.