The finale to the "Inside 9/11" documentary on the National Geographic Channel was just outstanding.

It ended with a dwell on a fade to black against the white printed words of bin Laden to a Pakistani journalist in November, 2001,
We love death. The U.S. loves life. This is the great difference between us.
The narrator set that quote up as the bedrock definition of radical islamic philosophy.

And they also connected 9/11 to world-wide islamic terror attacks.

This was preceded by analysts lamenting that far too few people, still, were taking this danger serioiusly. That should help wake some up!

And many are.

We are so much better off now than we were a few years ago in terms of understanding and responding to the threat.

The context of the Iraq war was even mentioned as simply the "new direction" of U.S. foreign policy, without further editorializing.

I couldn't ask for a more accurate, less-PC take-away message!