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Nobody will care what the truth is anymore, but there are lots of interesting items coming out of the declassified Iraqi documents that were recently released on the web for the public to translate, as the government is apparently incapable of doing this task itself.

This site -- which has had some of its translations already independently confirmed -- is turning up lots of nuggets.

For example, numerous references to chemical warfare equipment, as well as this juicy document telling of a double agent who was warning Iraq about WMD sites known to Western intelligence, and ordering that the materials at those sites be moved:
In the Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate

The Republic of Iraq

The Presidency of the Republic

The Intelligence Service

Top Secret and Immediate

To: The Military Industrialization Commission

Subject: Information.

We learned from one of our sources working overseas that the Western Intelligence Services are working on gathering information on some military and scientific targets in the country, and the mentioned source provided us with a map of the target that he was assigned to collect the information about when he was in the country, we will list for you below in order to know these interests and also maneuver to change the places of these targets according to the capability to prevent the opportunity for the enemies and make their plans unsuccessful and according to what follows:

1. These Services showed him a map of the Nuclear Sites in the country and our source noticed that the majority of these sites fall near of the Mosel area and the Tigris River and some of it in the limits of the City of Baghdad.

2. Another map shown on it the Chemical Sites and most of it fall in thr suburbs of Baghdad in the North of City and its South, knowing that the indicated sites in North Baghdad are more than in its South and indicated on it some of the sites in the city of Mosul.

3. The third map shown on it the locations of the Long Range Missiles.

4. A photo captured by Satellites for the area of Baji where it was clarified on it the vineyards that fall in the triangle of Karkuk-Mosul road after the gate of Baghdad and that in these vineyards are hidden important missiles and military equipments. And they asked him to go to the area and observe of it was well protected by military sectors and if there are helicopters in the area.

5. There is in the areas of AL Mahaweel and Jabla hidden Missiles and in large quantities.

6. There is a storage for Chemical Materials in the area of Al Mahmoodia.

7. There is near the Baghdad-Fallujah road and near the control of Fallujah a non operating Cement factory used to store Chemical Materials. Observe if there is protection for the factory.

8. Missiles were hidden in the triangle near the Presidential Palace and near Saddam International Airport.

9. There is a laboratory to test missiles in the AL Amerya area.

10. There is a secret airport dedicated for emergency hidden in it (65) Missiles.

11. Chemical Materials from the assembly of AL Qaaqaa and hide in the industry school in Al Mussayeb and in the Agriculture school in Al Youssifiya and other particular schools in AL Mahmoodia.

12. The area of Al Taji (Al Tarmia Triangle)

13. The area of AL Sarsar ( Al Sarsar Mount) North West the mountain slope (Touristic area)

14. Missiles were hidden in the Biji Refinery.

Please review… with regards

The Director of the Intelligence Service.
Other memos speak of producing prohibited nerve gas detectors, and of hiding WMD-related documents:
Memos in document CMPC-2003-002284 that are dated in June and August 2002 present another great evidence of Saddam Regime deceptions to hide his WMD programs and this time by destroying the WMD files or hiding them in a secure location. Saddam knew that summer that the UN inspectors are coming back to Iraq so he ordered these actions hoping that he will fool them, and he did fool Hans Blix and company.
And, Saddam's Iraq was indeed an imminent threat, making active plans to strike American interests. Note the date, 6 months before 9/11:
Beginning of the translation of page 6 from document BIAP 2003-000654

In the Name of God the Merciful The Compassionate

Top Secret

The Command of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Air Force Base

No 3/6/104

Date 11 March 2001

To all the Units

Subject: Volunteer for Suicide Mission

The top secret letter 2205 of the Military Branch of Al Qadisya on 4/3/2001 announced by the top secret letter 246 from the Command of the military sector of Zi Kar on 8/3/2001 announced to us by the top secret letter 154 from the Command of Ali Military Division on 10/3/2001 we ask to provide that Division with the names of those who desire to volunteer for Suicide Mission to liberate Palestine and to strike American Interests and according what is shown below to please review and inform us.

Air Brigadier General

Abdel Magid Hammot Ali

Commander of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Air Force Base

Air Colonel

Mohamad Majed Mohamadi.

End of translation of page 6
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