Racist School Admissions

Roberts and Alito, your moment of Truth is coming:
Court to decide race in school admissions

Taking up a politically charged issue in an election year, the justices agreed to decide whether the need for diversity justified using race as a factor to determine which elementary and secondary public schools students can attend.

The high court was closely divided by a 5-4 vote in 2003, the last time it confronted similar issues in a pair of rulings that involved preferences for minorities in university admissions decisions.
Since when was a "need for diversity" a Constitutional basis for anything, let alone for allowing race-based discrimination?
A group of parents sued in 2000 and argued it was unfair for the school district to consider race. A U.S. appeals court disagreed and ruled 7-4 that the district has a compelling interest to secure the educational and social benefits of racial diversity.
That whole premise is ludicrous to start with.

May the Court rule correctly.

I look forward to the racist diversity-worshippers having their lights punched out.


It's the dawning of a New Age, and it isn't Aquarius.