Navy Retiree Gets Free SWAG

I've always figured one of the most annoying things a Navy Recruiter has to put up with is old retirees coming into their office to talk about their time in the Navy; well, last night, I was That Guy. The Navy opened up a new recruiting office here in Meridian, so I stopped in to wish the recruiters there a Merry Christmas. They were very kind to me, and even dug up some SWAG to give to an old retiree:

Since the guys were so nice to me, I figured I'd do what I could to send some business their way. (I'm already talking to my kids of the benefits of a Navy career.) So, if you're between the ages of 17 and 34 (or 39 for prospective Reservists), and you're looking for a rewarding career, and you happen to be in or around Meridian, please stop by and see Petty Officer Hegemeyer or one of the other guys at the new Navy Recruiting Office just across the street from Mountain View High School. Tell them Bubblehead sent you.