Kooky Local Simpleton Confused By Science, Facts

Kooky Local Simpleton Bryan Fischer, who last month made up the "fact" that the U.S. currently has 15 aircraft carriers (we actually have 11 since USS Kitty Hawk got decommed in January, and haven't had 15 since 1993), yesterday weighed in on the cause of the AIDS epidemic. Here's some of what he said (emphasis mine):
A prominent molecular biologist at Cal-Berkeley has argued for years, persuasively in my mind, that the HIV virus is not in fact the cause of AIDS. It is his theory that AIDS is a result of a combination of sexually transmitted infections and intense drug use among homosexuals which work together to gradually weaken a homosexual’s immune system. (Homosexuals frequently use drugs to heighten and prolong their sexual experiences, particularly relying on “poppers,” consisting of amyl nitrates.) In his view, HIV is a “harmless passenger virus,” meaning that even if a cure for it were found, it would not reduce the incidence of AIDS. Magic Johnson may illustrate this. He was famously diagnosed with the HIV virus 18 years ago, but is in the pink of health today...
Note that this unnamed "prominent molecular biologist" (a German, no big surprise) and Fischer aren't alone in their beliefs; other "AIDS Denialists" include the Foo Fighters and former South African President Mbeki. Other than the obvious scientific evidence, KLS Fischer somehow decided that he was "persuasively" convinced despite the fact that AIDS is spread mostly heterosexually in Africa, where people are unlikely to use "poppers", it would seem. However, since Fischer has had problems with science concepts before, I'm not surprised he's come out on the side of this particular cause. (Maybe Magic is healthy because he takes his drugs?) Normally he would make fun of a philosophy where many adherents have died as a result of their foolish beliefs. When it comes to science, however, he just can't help being wrong. What a kook.