Boise Submariner Passes

Yesterday in our local paper I saw the obituary of Robert Asin, who passed away at age 83 93. Here's the section that describes his time in the service:
At the start of WWII he enlisted in the Navy and because of his experience, he was sent to Texas A&M for an advanced electronics degree, finishing a three year curriculum in six months. He volunteered for submarine service and was assigned to the USS Skipjack. He was Chief Petty Officer in charge of the ship's radar systems. His time was spent in the Pacific where he was on numerous war patrols. He proudly served his country until his discharge in 1945.
This story of his service was impressive, but here's the part of his life story that touched me the most:
Bob is survived by his wife of 69 years, Doris...
If only all of us could be so lucky. Sailor, Rest Your Oar.

Update 1027 20 Aug: Corrected a typo in Bob's age.