2009 Battle "E" Winners

In the first message of the new year (is it pronounced "twenty ten" or "two thousand ten"?) COMSUBPAC announced the winners of the 2009 Battle "E". They are:

CSS 1: USS Charlotte (SSN 766)
CSS 3: USS Key West (SSN 722)
CSDS 5: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23)
CSS 7: USS Santa Fe (SSN 763)
CSS 11: USS Topeka (SSN 754)
CSS 15: USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705)
CSS 17: USS Kentucky (Blue and Gold) (SSBN 737)
CSS 19: USS Ohio (Blue and Gold) (SSGN 726)
Submarine Tender: USS Frank Cable (AS 40)
Drydock: Arco (ARDM 5)
Special Category: Devil Ray (TWR 6)

Congratulations to the winners, and especially to the repeat winners: Ohio, Frank Cable, Arco, and especially my old boat Topeka for winning her third straight. I note that my old boat Jimmy Carter supplanted my other old boat Connecticut for the CSDS 5 award; it's OK with me if they just swap it back and forth from year to year.

I'll post the SUBLANT winners as soon as I see the message.

Update 2320 02 Jan: Here are the SUBLANT winners:

CSS 2: USS Springfield (SSN 761)
CSS 4: USS New Hampshire (SSN 778)
CSS 6: USS Scranton (SSN 756)
CSS 8: USS Newport News (SSN 750)
CSDS 12: USS San Juan (SSN 751)
CSS 16: USS Georgia (Blue and Gold) (SSGN 729)
CSS 20: USS Maryland (Blue and Gold) (SSBN 738)

Bell-ringer 0835 07 Jan: Corrected the hull designation for USS Maryland. Cut-and-paste can bite you in the butt sometimes.