Sailors Missing In Afghanistan

From the official Navy website:
Washington (NNS) -- The Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead extended the following statement on the events in Afghanistan:

"The thoughts and prayers of our entire Navy go out to the missing Sailors serving in Afghanistan and their families. We have been closely following the situation from the outset. These Sailors represent two of several thousand Sailors serving on the ground in Afghanistan in support of U.S. Forces-Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan. Forces on the ground in Afghanistan are doing everything they can to locate and safely return our missing shipmates."
Our prayers are with the missing Sailors and the families of all concerned. Similarly, please keep Idaho native Army Specialist Bowe Bergdahl, captured over a year ago, in your thoughts. When the missing Sailors' identities are released, hopefully those of us who might know them won't put out any personal information on the 'net that the enemy might use to exploit the situation.

Update 0740 29 July: The remains of one of the Sailors were recovered on Sunday, and now there's word that the second Sailor's body has been found.