Screen(ing) Door On A Submarine, FY12 Style

It's that time of year again for Submarine officers -- time to check out the list of who screened for CO/XO/DH for FY12 and wonder how the puppy molester/dirtbag/jerk you don't like screened and who he sucked up to in order to do so. Back in my day, they never released the list -- even within the community -- due to the complaints it generated. Apparently the new generation of Submarine officers is better behaved.

Here's the list for those of you with Facebook access; it appears that this is a Facebook exclusive for now, as the ALSUBFOR message won't be released until Tuesday. I'll post that link later from the PERS-42 site for those of you who are Facebook-deprived. I note that this year several of the guys I taught at NPTU are screening for XO -- just another indication of how old I am.

Here's last year's thread for those who want to see how this discussion might develop. Congratulations to all those selected!

Update 2015 01 June: Here's a link to the PERS-42 page with links to all the selection messages.