Comings And Goings

As I'll be heading to the land of the dial-up Internet connections for the next several days (my parents' farm in Nebraska), I figured I'd leave a post for all who want to keep the conversation going. Here are a few possible topics:

1) USS Charlotte (SSN 766) returned home to Pearl from Westpac on Tuesday. Here's a picture of her pulling in:

Note that the accompanying article, while acknowledging the 28 crew members who earned their dolphins, doesn't mention which port visits they got. Especially for an official Navy article, that usually means the ones they did get were to the "less desirable" ports of call in the Pacific. However, the use of the code phrase "experienced the dynamic operational environment of the Western Pacific" let's everyone who knows know pretty much exactly what they were doing. It's deployments like this one that, while not providing crew members with a lot of pictures to share with family and friends, are more likely to allow them to wear a NUC. Welcome home, guys.

2) All Hands magazine for June 2011 has a cover shot of USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) surfaced through the Arctic ice, along with an article about the recently concluded ICEX 2011. The Atlantic also has several good pictures of the boats involved in this photo essay.

3) The XO of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) was just fired for undisclosed reasons. In other news about carriers named for presidents, the Navy recently announced that CVN 79 will be named USS John F. Kennedy. Personally, I think that any SECNAV who leaves office without ensuring that the name Enterprise is attached to a commissioned or soon-to-be commissioned vessels should feel like he threw away 235 years of Naval history in order to be a political sell-out. But that's just my opinion. I'd like to hear yours about any facet of ship naming.

4) How 'bout them Mavericks/Heat/Canucks/Bruins?