21st Century Sailor!

[While we're still waiting for the O-7 Line selection board results to come out, here's the 2-star list.]

SECNAV announced a major new initiative last week wherein, among other things, Sailors will have to take a breathalyzer test at random times, like showing up back at the boat after liberty in Phuket. Excerpts:
The secretary explained that the initiative consolidates a set of objectives and policies, new and existing, to maximize Sailor and Marine personal readiness. The programs are divided into five categories, or "areas"; readiness, safety, physical fitness, inclusion, and continuum of service. 
"The new defense strategy will put increased responsibilities on the Navy and Marine Corps in the years to come," the secretary said. "You are the department's most essential asset, and it is the duty of the department's leadership to do all we can to provide each individual Sailor and Marine with the resources to maintain that resiliency." Various programs fall under the readiness area, all of which help ensure we have the most mentally prepared service members and family in department history.
Continued emphasis on the responsible use of alcohol, zero tolerance for drug use, suicide reduction, family and personal preparedness, and financial and family stability all work together to prepare Sailors, Marines and their families for the challenges that they may face and reinforce healthy alternatives on liberty or off-duty. A new initiative will include breathalyzer tests when Sailors stationed onboard ships, submarines and at squadrons report for duty and randomly elsewhere to reduce the occurrence of alcohol related incidents that can end careers and sometimes end lives. This month, the Navy will begin random testing of urine samples for synthetic chemical compounds like Spice.
Not mentioned in the description of the duties of the 21st Century Sailor is sinking enemy ships and blowing up bad guys; that stuff is a pretty 20th century concept. Here's the reaction from one active duty officer, he doesn't like it. And here's the NAVADMIN announcing the new synthetic compound urinalysis initiative.

So what do you think? Will this new initiative make us more effective war-fighters?