Shocked! Yes, shocked I am about the news that guys on overseas boondoggles, staying in fancy hotels, may have availed themselves of sampling the local culture. Such a thing has clearly never happened in the past! It's all Obama's fault! But as they say, it only takes one guy trying to wheedle out of paying the hooker to ruin a good deal for everyone else.
I honestly expected that the lid would be blown, so to speak, over the goings-on in WestPac liberty ports (not by Submariners, of course, but by other guys) during the McCain presidential run in 2008, but if I remember right a couple of stories that came out detailing some PI stories generated nothing more than a bored yawn. I think the American people as a whole understand that when guys go overseas some of them might get their freak on.
If you think I'm going to ask for comments from those who want to tell their favorite story about whoring on the government dime on a blog read by Submarine Wives, no way I'm going to do that. Of course, if you want to tell stories about what "Skimmers" and "Airdales" do, that's fine.