Navy Weddings

While there's some interesting submarine news out this week (my old boat Topeka returning home from deployment after a really crappy trifecta -- Yoko/Singapore/Guam -- of port visits, and the Navy signing some initial documents for the Ohio replacement that indicate the first one will go on patrol in 2031), I wanted to post today about weddings; mine was 27 years ago today:

As you can see, we didn't have a Navy wedding. I met my wife when I was going to school at NPTU Idaho; it was the old "a small group of guys going to Idaho realizing that all the Sailors live in IF and all the college girls are in Pocatello, so we should live in Pocatello" story. We decided to get married just before I transferred, and pulled the trigger fairly soon after I got to my next command (NROTC Unit at the University of Kansas, where I was assigned for NECP). Since we had the wedding up in my hometown, there was no Navy presence there, so it was strictly a civilian affair. That being said, I wish we could have done a Navy wedding, since I've always really enjoyed the traditions.

Do you have any good "Navy wedding" stories?

Update 1208 07 Sep: Also, the FY13 Major Command Assignments list is out, but I'm not seeing it anywhere else on the 'net, so I won't post it here until it's out in the open elsewhere. I was interested to see that the SSGN commands are considered a "major command". SUBRONs 1, 4, 5, 16, and 17 are getting new Commodores.