Some are wondering about the strong howls of rage from some on the Right concering the Miers SCOTUS nomination.

I think the cause is easy to understand.

For years now, we've seen everyone from our so-called allies to the MSM pound away at America and it spolicies.

The drumbeat of bad news is relentlessly unfair, designed to sap our will.

I can imagine that some on the Right were looking forward to that most desireable of all things in life.

Namely, to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.

It would be enormously satisfying to get a real victory over these punks.

Being able to force an obviously unacceptable (to the Left) candidate down their miserable humiliated throats, for all the world to see, would have been sweet, sweet revenge.

And would have clearly shown who really had the power.

Now, it may very well be that Miers will provide the real political victories that matter in the future, namely in a long history of helping good constructionist opinions win. But in the short term, since that's not obviously clearly the case, that long-anticipated public defeat of the Rights worst enemies -- who so richly deserve a comeuppance -- has been taken away from them.

And that makes them howlingly frustrated.

Worse, some Democrats even support her!

What kind of political steamrolling is that???

I'm just explaining what I think is the psychology, not supporting it. It's really not Miers per se, but the loss of the immediately-anticipated humiliation of the Left that rankles.

But for all we know, as a close correspondent has suggested to me, maybe Bush knows she's just going to back Roberts on everything, and in effect we get TWO of Roberts!

Who knows?

Or as others have speculated, rumors are some key Republican Senators, looking at the polls, refused to fight for a constructionist nominee, and so in a brilliant move of political jiu-jitsu, Bush now has the Right loudly begging him to nominate someone more judicially narrow than Scalia!

But again, who knows?

As usual, we have to be like adults and wait and see.

No street demonstrations and big puppets for us!

That would be unseemly, anyway.