Understanding Leftists

Many of us have wondered in puzzlement why it is so hard for the left-wingers to think logically and see the real threats we face.

What is the strange appeal of their irrationality?

Interestingly, I have found an explanation in the self-help literature!

And perhaps we will learn some insights on how to more effectively take on their delusions.

The local paper recently carried a piece on how to be successful in self-help programs, such as weightloss or quitting smoking. The article quoted gurus such as Dean Ornish and James Mapes on the keys to being successful in making long-term change.

And what they say in this regard speaks directly to why it is so hard to get the left to change its incorrect world-view, and why little changed even after 9/11.
For example, the article discusses the nature of change, pointing out that
Study after study has shown that 90% of heart bypass patiens can't change their lifestyles, even at the risk of dying.
Hmmm, seem familiar?

The first myth is that change is motivated by fear. Simply not true...most people will simply resist the change or go into denial when confronted with what terrible things may happen if change doesn't take place.
It seems the "right" on this issue is composed of those few who were able to comprehend Wretchard's Three Conjectures without going into denial.
Another myth is that crisis creates permanent change...but [it] will never sustain change long-term.
So that's why we're letting 10,000 Saudi radicals students into the country again, that being the entity which is the very source of Wahabbist fascism, the spider at the center of the web.

The third myth is that baby steps of gradual change will do the trick...Most people believe others will change their behavior if presented with enough solid facts and data...Another myth. Facts do not create change because if they do not fit into our belief system, we dismiss them as stupid, foolish or irrelevant.
So that's why our well-reasoned arguments do not resonate.

But how does the left gain converts to its ridiculous theories? They bring people into the fold by using the techniques of Dean Ornish to essentially trick them! It's essentially cult-like:
Neuroscience tells us that the mind relies on frames and it is through our unique frame that we see the world. A frame acts as a kind of filter. Facts that do not match this wiring of our brain are filtered out. Change the frame -- change the reality.
Ever been over to Democratic Underground? Talk about filtering!

How do the commies achieve this?
Change a person's frame requires a vision a story that is "simple, easy to identify with, emotionally resonant, inspiring and evocative of positive experiences."
Well isn't that just the whole left-wing program? With its utopian vision of a radically-altered egalitarian society? With its victimization politics that aligns with the apparent underdog, right or wrong? All based purely on appeals to emotion?

This works because
"Joy is a more powerful motivator than fear."
But that's not all! Ornish also claims that
large, radical sweeping changes were easier for the people than small, incremental ones...Big changes often create immediate, positive results.
Thus the appeal of Revolution.

It gets more insidious; the last component is to provide "on-going support", which is the Political Correctness enforced by fellow travelers of the MSM, academia, and the entertainment industry.

If we are to win, we must take a page from their playbook. We should strive to follow these keys to success:
Know that presenting the facts as to 'why' people should change is a very small piece of the puzzle.

Create a clear powerful, emotionally-charged, positive vision of the future...

Make large, radical changes.
Let's get this memo to Bush!