So, the movie Jarhead is soon to debut.

It is based on a book by the same name, being a memoir by a Marine in the old Desert Storm of Bush the First.

I haven't seen it, but I've browsed the book in the stores and seen the trailer.

It promises to be "a war film like no other."

Judging by recent movies, what, do they mean it will be entertaining and patriotic?


The movie trailer shows the title character alternately freaking out by throwing his helmet around, or standing in frozen befuddled shock as explosions burst all around -- his mental detachment due to wartime stress the only sane response to a world gone mad.

The theme of alienation and futility is underscored by the movie's tagline,
Welcome to The Suck!
I can only laugh given the seriousness with which the film approaches this issue.

Because, we'll recall, "The Suck" of the ground campaign in Desert Storm lasted all of 100 hours.

If you can't stand The Suck for 100 hours, what business do you have being a Marine?

Butch up, pansy!


I infer from comments about the movie at imdb that the action scenes are few and far between, and that the movie is an exercise in ennui. Maybe this movie timidly won't judge war as right or wrong, exactly, but it surely is presented as pointless.


And it is stated in the comments by advanced screeners that when the action occurs, it happens in a way "different than expected."

As I said, I haven't seen it, but I can hazard a guess that this means the only fighting this unit encounters in the movie would be a friendly-fire accident.

Mark my words.