Worldwide Readers

Recently I've been having fun looking at the world-map of visitors to this site. I'm amazed to have readers from all over the globe!

Because the location is often given down to the city level, I can get a sense of how many unique readers from a given country are in a given batch of the last 100 that get reported.

Most, by far, are from the United States. Of course there are many throughout the South, the Heartland, and from Texas, but there are also readers in liberal bastions such as Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and even Madison, Wisconsin!

There seem to be at least half a dozen unique readers from Canada, from Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, B.C., and even the Northwest Territories.

There are also several from Australia (for example: Victoria, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territories -- which I never heard of!)

Rounding out the Anglosphere, visitors also arrive from the U.K. and New Zealand.

I have a surprising number of readers from Scandinavia; mostly from Sweden it seems, but also from Finland and Denmark.

There is a smattering of readers from South America, such as from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.

I also see small numbers of regular hits from Egypt, Singapore, Pakistan, and India!

Others have arrived from Israel, Japan, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Italy, France, Estonia, Austria, and Russia.

And those are just from the last 100 or so visitors -- there are others as well!

Thanks, everyone, for reading!