Democrat Logic

In addition to
There aren't enough troops in Iraq, but they need to be withdrawn now
The unilateral coalition is crumbling
we now have this doozy of reasoning:
1. We cannot stay the course.

2. Staying the course means "not cutting and running."

3. Therefore we propose "not not cutting and running."

4. But we do not propose "cutting and running."
In symbols, the Democrat leadership and the MSM is asserting that
~~A <> A
which, of course, is a contradiction, as it reduces to
A does not equal A.
Proceeding from a contradiction, any proposition can be proved.

Welcome to the leftist mind, or what passes for it.

The point is, it's absolutely impossible, and irrational, to even to try to reason with people who willingly make such arguments.

Their axioms are different, and inconsistent, from ours.

Debate is no longer an option.

It is, at this point, foolish to even try.

Since it is demonstrable that logic cannot even in principle work with them, the next alternative is to use emotion.

I have lost all patience. Ridicule, scorn, and scathing sarcasm are the only rational verbal tactics left.

PC works through social ostracism. We must create a counterreaction. Here are some examples of some recent comments left on this blog by newcomers looking at old posts, and my uncharacteristically ungracious responses.

Example 1:

Sonic said...

"If handled improperly, the situation in Iraq could go from "today, one (Osama) bin Laden, next few years 10 bin Ladens, then 100 bin Ladens," the Dalai Lama said."

8:42 PM, November 06, 2005

RDS said...
Yes, you are quite desperate.

Do you understand the word "If"?

You'd like 100 bin Ladens, wouldn't you, Lenin-lover?

You've lost.

8:57 PM, November 06, 2005

Sonic said...
Great stuff mate, I might link to this excuse for a blog for the comedy value!

"Lenin lover"

comedy gold

10:33 PM, November 06, 2005

RDS said...
Go for it! It wouldn't be half as funny without your comments, thanks!
Sonic links admiringly on his own blog to a lefty site called "Leninstomb", hence my comment.

Example 2, from my Roadkill is Yummy! post about roadkill-eating anti-civilizationists:
Nate said...
Ya know, I just was looking for some tips on collecting road kill and happened to stumble upon your commentary. I must say the idea of eating road is gross, but compared with many of the chicken factories and pig factories I have seen it is not gross at all. What is gross to me is that I have to skin this creature, tear it's guts out, cut it up and eat it. That's all that is gross to me. But really I see this forum as not so much about debating the idea of eating road kill, but rather ragging on people who are different than you, people whom you don't understand. I must admit, I don't understand you. I don't understand what you mean by eco-weenies. Do you mean people who care about their world are some how weak people or bad people? But you are right about the gratitude part. I should be thankful that our people of this USA have it in their hearts not to torture me, enslave me, or in other words do nasty things to me. As for living in many other countries that is not true. I would be one of the first to be hung with my guts ripped open, I imagine. If I had the guts to stand up for my beliefs. Maybe they will start after people here sooner or later. Oh wait, there are hate crimes everyday in this country...and there are forums where people make fun of others just because they don't "get" them. And it sure is fun, isn't it? Well I sure enjoy the daily show and that does just that. But does it help us understand eachother? And that other guy sure does make a point about wolves. Why not go look up how many humans have been eaten by wolves in this country? Have you ever heard the wolves howl? It is beautiful. If you truly believe that things are going well for humanity and this planet right now, you are not paying very good attention to the world around you. Go educate yourself.

5:15 PM, October 21, 2005

RDS said...

You have deliberately missed the point; this is not about grossness but the politics it represents.

You say you don't understand me.

That's because you are incapable of basic thought and don't know anything.

What's an "eco-weenie"? Someone like you who, yes, is a "weak" and "bad" person. And who is ignorant of scientific facts.

If you and your ilk really "cared about the world", you'd be for clean, cheap energy which means nuclear power. And you'd be for eliminating the scourge of Islamic fascism.

Instead, you make a stupid equivalency between your hysterical claims of "hate crimes" in this country with the very real, socially accepted evils of stoning women or murdering them for "honor".

And yes, fool, things are going well, compared with the past. But you wouldn't know that, since you are not educated.

I laugh at you! You are so funny! Have you considered a career as a jester or some sort of clown?

6:49 PM, October 23, 2005
Let us wield our contempt for their dangerous ignorance proudly.

Look, for example, at the website of this dumpster-diving sick freak and terror-enabler. I won't even quote his drivel; scroll down for the revealing "statement of identity."