Having It All Ways

Oh, so now we're leading a "coalition"!
U.S.-Led Iraq Coalition Steadily Eroding
And all along, I thought the AP was telling me this was a "unilateral", allyless expedition.

Wait, it gets better!
Bulgaria and Ukraine will begin withdrawing their combined 1,250 troops by mid-December. If Australia, Britain, Italy, Japan, Poland and South Korea reduce or recall their personnel, more than half of the non-American forces in Iraq could be gone by next summer.
Note the "IF".

So, the story line is, we need an "exit strategy" to reduce troop levels, but if troops actually come home, it's a -- steadily! -- "eroding" coalition...and a coalition which, due to our unilateral action, never existed in the first place.

They don't even bother to try to be consistent.

The tagline for this story in the link above is the opinion and emotion-laden "iraq_crumbling_coalition."

It's truly disturbing to see such venom harbored over the liberation of over 20 million human beings.

Oh yes, buried at the end we find this example of "steadily eroding" coalition support:
Many coalition members have pledged to stay in Iraq for all of 2006; at least one, Lithuania, has committed to the end of 2007. And the coalition is still drawing new members, most recently Bosnia, which sent 36 bomb-disposal experts in June.
Objectivity? What's that?