Justice Ginsburg, Traitor

Found via Bernoulli Effect.

Speaking of judicial over-reach, first we need to impeach Justice Ginsburg, who continues to defend her position that legal precedents from foreign countries can and should be used in determining Supreme Court cases, instead of relying entirely upon the U.S. Constitution, which is supposed to be the Highest Law of the Land, which she took an oath to uphold.

An oath she is openly breaking.

Powerline opines,
I've tried to be measured in this critique of Ginsburg's speech, but the truth is that it is more reprehensible than I have suggested. You really have to read it to appreciate how far removed it is from American laws and traditions, and how demagogic it is in both tone and substance.
Remove these un-American idiots now.

Ginsburg, by the way, came via the communist-front ACLU.

No surprise there.

She's a dangerous traitor:
One last comment, on the title of Ginsburg's speech: "A decent Respect to the Opinions of [Human]kind." This more or less sums up her position: the Declaration refers to "Mankind," but that is out of step with what Ginsburg views as the 21st century liberal consensus. So she changed Thomas Jefferson's words to accord with her own usage. And, I suppose, with the usage of various foreign courts. Which is what she and her fellow Democrats propose to do to the Constitution: where the language doesn't match their opinions, change it.

PAUL adds: It won't happen, of course, but I think there's a case to be made for impeaching Justice Ginsburg.
Yes, there is.

I take issue with references to "witchhunts" for communists during the 1950s.

Witches, as understood by their hunters of the times, weren't actually real, let alone threats.

Communists are and were both.