Green Flares

This story from Australia reminded me of the old Broadside cartoon for some reason. Excerpts:
A SUBMERGED Collins class submarine and a female sailor had a lucky escape when she accidentally ignited a signal flare.
HMAS Waller was submerged off the WA coast, conducting anti-submarine exercises with the frigate HMAS Toowoomba and the replenishment vessel HMAS Sirius, at 9pm on Wednesday when the accident occurred.
The sailor was loading a green pyrotechnic flare into a tube in the ship's office when it went off, seriously burning her arms. Signal flares are routinely used by submerged submarines to communicate with surface ships.
The flare ignited a small spot fire that was put out by a sailor with a fire extinguisher. The boat went to emergency stations and made a dash to the surface.
No serious damage was suffered by the submarine and the sailor was treated by medics on board.
Have you ever hurt yourself doing something stupid on a submarine?

(For those who have forgotten what various flares meant, here's a reference.)