Fun With RadCon!

For some reason, I started thinking about RadCon as I was driving home from work last night to start my weekend. What Nuke (Nuc? What is the right spelling anyway?) doesn't smile when they remember things like:

1) An ELT showing you his open hand and saying "1500", clapping his hands together and saying "750", then brushing his hands on his shirt and saying "Less than".
2) SWIMS: "Smile, Walk away, Ignore it, Make up a story, Stick by your story"
3) The abuse the ELT would take when "walking the dog" in the forward compartment.
4) The sheer panic of a young SDO touring topside after dinner and seeing the recently-qualified duty ELT being held by a rope and harness over the side by some NUB while doing the periodic swipe of the "special" spot and being absolutely covered with the seaweed that was growing around said "special" hull spot, and wondering how in the hell he's going to deal with the potentially-contaminated seaweed all over the potentially-contaminated ELT.

What RadCon stories make you grin uncontrollably when you think about them? Here's my favorite.