Submarine News Items And The "Great Qual Card Of Life"

Here are a few stories about submarines and Submariners in the news:

1) Iran says they're starting design work on a nuclear submarine they could build themselves. I think that's a great idea, and they should spend a significant portion of their defense budget for the next several years making a noisy version of a November-class submarine.

2) The cause of the firing of the COB (or "top enlisted officer" according to the AP) on USS Florida (SSGN 728)(Gold) has been revealed following an FOIA request, according to this Navy Times article.

3) The first female submarine officer to get her dolphins got lots of attention from the national media and an article on the Navy website. I'm always glad to see articles highlighting positive achievements from Submariners (one of which LT Christianson now is, beyond any doubt), and I hope the Navy chooses to continue to publish stories about newly-qualified Submariners -- regardless of gender.

Speaking of finishing up one's qual card, I always enjoyed my first Engineer's concept of the "Great Qual Card of Life", as in "Sure, you messed up, but that's just another sig in the Great Qual Card of Life". I've got some decent prac facs signed off (Become a Father, Visit Another Continent, Take a Crazy Cab Ride in Korea), but I still have some left that I'd like to finish off before I head off to the Final Qual Board in the Sky. What signature in the Great Qual Card of Life are you most glad you got signed off?