At Last?

It seems a regional war could be breaking out in the Middle East.

See a roundup here.

Interestingly -- in fact, splendidly -- Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran (the man behind the curtain) are all lining themselves up to get in much deeper than they expected.

Events are now beyond control and anything can happen.

Chemical missiles on Israel?

Nuclear retaliation?

We should be so lucky that the mad Iranians solve our political problems by making the same mistake as Hitler and declare war on us.

Well, ok, so they already have 25 years ago, but they might make us finally notice.

Now, an observation.

Imagine this scenario unfolding with Saddam Hussein still in power.

With the sanctions regime long gone and his own nuclear program ALSO in full swing?

Now, imagine it with not only Iraq out of the picture, but with us having an army of hardened veterans smack in the middle and bordering on everybody.

Maybe that helped precipitate this.

Or perhaps it was the Gaza pullout.

Either way, stasis was no solution.

And public opinion here in the US has never been more pro-Israel.

Some also see our age-old commie enemies Russia and China behind the insane actions of North Korea and Iran. They could certainly be more helpful if they wanted to, but ar emaking sure the UN will act as a shield to their nefarious plans. What a useless organization, by the way.

But with the Cold War "officially" off, I think there won't be any bailing out of their terror-state clients this time.