Don't Miss

For insightful analysis as world events become more "interesting" (our office manager at work yesterday threw up her hands and said 'it seems like we're all about to be in a Schwarzenegger movie!'), don't miss Belmont Club.

And "zombie" has been doing incredible "undercover" photojournalism work for some time, revealing the insanity and outright support for terrorism in left-wing demonstrations in places like San Francisco and Berkeley.

The latest one is interesting in that for once, in San Francisco of all places, there was a reasonable pro-Israel counterdemonstration against the filthy Hamas and Hezbollah supporters who were clamoring for the destruction of Israel -- always backed/organized/supplied with posters by Soros money and Internation ANSWER, a front for the communist World Workers Party. It's foreign subversion. The last few photos in the series, however, are heartening.

And even better is this snippet that zombie reported from the event:
On a side street, a pair of Palestinian supporters were getting ready to enter the protest, using a window as a mirror to make sure their kaffiyeh-masks looked just right. I got a blurry snapshot of the moment.

Unfortunately for them, a pair of cops noticed their preparations. When the protesters said they weren't planning to do any violence, one of the cops asked, "Then why are you dressing up like a terrorist like that?" while the other made them empty their bags to make sure they didn't have any weapons.