On a Lovecraft kick lately.

They're Mythkus, not haikus!

For the uninitiated, Book-a-Minute describes the Collected Works of HPL thusly:
I will tell you about something horrific I witnessed.

(Narrator discusses MUNDANE experiences which supposedly lead up to something HORRIFIC.)

We're almost at the horrific bit.

(Narrator talks about more stuff that might be SPOOKY if he'd only GET ON WITH IT.)

We're very close now.

(Narrator draws it out MORE.)

This time I swear we're just about at the horrific thing almost.

(Narrator FINALLY gets to the HORRIFIC thing which is HUGE and POWERFUL and EVIL and LAME.)

Though I disagree with "Lame."

The Mythkus do a good job of summing it all up concisely too.

Some of the more amusing (especially if you get the specific story references) are:
His parents went insane
He died without a child
Last of the Lovecrafts

wall of polished glass
the monster I see is me
I, the Outsider

I thought the Elder things were bad
then I found out
what it was they feared.

In round rooms I sit
for I know what dwells in the angles

Mighty Cthulhu
And His servants the Deep Ones
Just so much Sushi

tentacles unfold
now my fate is surely sealed
my watery grave

Many cultists dead
Smoking Machine gun in hand
Up yours Cthulhu

I wonder about
Asenath Waite's complexion
it is so pasty

Thy sibling
gorges on cattle
Why can't thee be more like thy brother?

Nightgaunts tickling me
Laughingly defenseless
They carry me away

Dearest Grandam
the sea calls so strongly
my you've grown pudgy and gilled

what waits in the mist
in that house upon the hill
my God, the voices...

Slumbers Cthulhu
only for the period
he considers wise

Dagon, sea-god,
Your worshippers spout gills
in sleepy, troubled Innsmouth.

on the ocean floor
there lies the sleeping city
rise up great R'Lyeh!

I went to Providence,
There I lost my sanity;
Howard took it.

Cthulhu awaits
Dreaming in sunken R'Lyeh
Strange Aeons must past

Arkham Graduates!
Stride with pomp and circumstance
Down the lane of madness

Perverse earth goddess
running wildly through the woods
Ia, Shub-Niggurath!

Flap of webby wings,
a hound bays in the distance.
Death has come for me.

only you and I
know the terrible truth
soon, only you

A brain in a can
Hands and face found in a chair
a costume of flesh

The stars are aligned
The ancient is now present
The end has begun

hungry village cats
gnaw evil family bones
-just feline revenge

Have you ever felt
From the dark, eyes are watching?
They are really there.

Algol, Fomalhaut
Deneb, Riga and Altair
When will you be right?

We know not their names
And yet we fear the darkness
At night, we cry out

Cthulhu sleeps
ruling our minds
with crap like this