PCU New Mexico Unit Crest Revealed

Last spring, I mentioned that the New Mexico Council of the Navy League was holding a contest for New Mexico residents to design the unit crest for PCU New Mexico (SSN 779). Well, the crew has voted, and the winning design has been announced. Here it is:

It is a very unique design; you'll definitely be able to pick it out of a crowd. The other finalists and semi-finalists can be found here; I admit to being partial to the more "traditional" designs (like the 2nd, 4th, and 5th ones down on the right under "Semi-finalists") but the one the crew picked is very nice. I'll even admit that it's far better than my suggestion -- although I hope that the crew is still considering my nomination for the ship's motto ("Slower Than A Seawolf"). I haven't had much luck in the past for getting my motto suggestions accepted, though; for example, my CO on Connecticut picked "Arsenal of the Nation" as our ship's motto, completely ignoring my suggestion: "We regret that our enemies have but one life to give for their country".
Update 0605 19 January: While some don't seem to like the New Mexico's new crest, I think we can all agree that it's better than USS Seawolf's "drowning dog":

Word on the street is that the first several crest designs the crew submitted to Big Navy were rejected for having the wolf look "too warlike" -- remember, this was in the late 90s.