Local Submarine Blogger Interviewed By Boise Weekly

Here's a link to an interview (Bad Word warning!) with me in the Boise Weekly, the local free "alternative" newspaper. I got interviewed last week for their "Citizen" column, where they talk to people who do interesting things. For me, I guess they decided my submarine blog was worth writing about.

Please humor me as I engage in a bit of navel gazing to "revise and extend" my remarks from the published interview:

-- When I said "The Hunt for Red October" was "more accurate than anything that had come out to that point", I was referring to the book, not the movie. I still hold that this is true as far as nuclear submarining goes, obviously there are quite a few movies and books about WWII submarining that are much more accurate, and books have come out since then that are more realistic (mostly written by actual Submariners).

-- I admit I'm a little bit embarrassed by the juxtaposition of me talking about how I joined the LDS Church with my use of a very Bad Word in the next paragraph.

-- I was a little disappointed that the interviewer didn't mention my sons' band, Nuclear Redemption -- Mountain View High School's biggest band -- that I had name-dropped explicitly. Overall, though, he did a pretty good job of condensing a 50 minute talk into something readable.

-- When I talked about Idaho blogosphere site traffic, I was actually talking about Treasure Valley blogs; obviously, Huckleberries Online gets way more traffic than I do up in Northern Idaho. Also, I should have said that Unequivocal Notion has moved most of its content to TreasuredValley.com.

-- For me, the neatest thing about the whole experience was actually having someone do a drawing of me; I've never had that before.

Please let me know if you see anything else questionable that I said in the interview, and I'll try to explain myself if I can.