MCPON Awards Dolphins In Japan

I just got an E-mail from a Sailor aboard USS Michigan (Blue) (SSGN 727) that says in part:
We are in Yokosuka doing a port call right now and the MCPON came down for lunch yesterday. After the tour it was pre-arranged for him to give one of our new guys his fish. So everyone lines up on the decks like normal and just as he is ready to pin the kid he stops short, tosses the new pair of fish on the table and takes his own off and pins them on this guy. He then had the newly pinned guy pin the new fish on him. You could tell it was totally spur of the moment, I almost wanted to cry... A very cool day to be a Submariner and one I am sure our newly qualified brother will never forget.
There where lots of pics taken by his official photogropher so hopefully they will go up on soon. Just thought your readers would like to know what a class act MCPON West is.
Normally, I don't post stories based on a single E-mail, but this one is so good I couldn't pass it up. (Also, I got some confirmation because I know the MCPON is in Japan, and his Facebook page says to expect that a story about him awarding dolphins to someone on USS Michigan will be posted soon.)

Personally, I got my fish from my CO (He Who Must Not Be Named) while underway. Did any of you guys get your dolphins from someone "cool" or in unusual circumstances?

Update 1013 03 July: Here's the official story from the Navy website. It appears the MCPON also gave his own ESWS pin to a Sailor off the USS John S. McCain (DDG 57). Excerpt:
On board USS Michigan, West also offered his "dolphins" to newly frocked Electronics Technician 3rd Class William Earl Auer.
"My hope is that these young men will remember the day as much as I will and will pass these on through generations of our great Sailors. I'm honored that they will be wearing something that I've worn for years. Wouldn't it be cool in 30 years if someone is still wearing those warfare devices," said West.
Unless one of my sons goes into submarines, I was planning on being buried with my original set of dolphins. Based on what the MCPON did, I'm thinking that instead I'll get buried with one of my other sets and pass the originals down in case some future descendent goes into submarines.