Submarine Miscellany

Here are some interesting items sent in recently by readers:

1) A reader recently went to the opening of the USS Dolphin (AGSS 555) exhibit at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and posted these pictures.

2) Here's a photo of a couple of Russian SSNs (I believe they're Victor III-class boats) being moved on a Dutch transport. The caption says: "A Dutch transport vessel carries two Shchuka class nuclear-powered submarines to a shipyard in the Russian far east. The two vessels have been decommissioned."

3) Electric Boat will be doing the repair work on USS Hartford (SSN 768). They'll be moving to the shipyard soon for an undetermined amount of time. Good luck, guys!

4) Here's a picture a reader sent in of a swim call on USS Sturgeon (SSN 637) in the Caribbean in 1979:

I was only one subs with bow planes, so I never got to dive off the fairwater planes. Looks like fun!