Nebraska (Gold) COB Fired

The Chief of the Boat of USS Nebraska (SSBN 739)(Gold) was fired for "administrative reasons" on January 3rd, according to Navy Times:
After his relief, the Navy began an investigation into allegations that Turley had had an inappropriate relationship with a female Naval Academy midshipman onboard Nebraska, officials familiar with the investigation said.
The firing came only a month after the first female submariners arrived in the fleet. They began reporting to ballistic-missile subs Wyoming and Maine and guided-missile subs Georgia and Ohio.
Turley’s relief was “unconnected” to allegations of an inappropriate relationship aboard the sub, Early said. Due to privacy concerns, he declined to comment on the nature of the alleged relationship or whether Turley was a subject of the investigation...
...Asked why SUBGRU 9 did not disclose the firing until pressed by Navy Times, Early said that because Turley wasn’t “relieved for cause,” there was no requirement to make his relief public.
Some discussion of this issue before it became public can be found in the comments of an earlier post; I have no idea about the accuracy of anything that was posted there. In general, I'll allow comments to stand for a story that's likely to make it into open source unless someone E-mails me to complain with a good reason why it should be pulled. In general, however, I would ask commenters not to attach names to rumors that aren't open source yet; the comments still show up on a Google search even if the story never does go public or just plain isn't true.