NPTU Charleston To Get Newer Moored Training Ships

From the Charleston Post and Courier:
Over the 10-year span, the USS Daniel Webster and the USS Sam Rayburn, both built in the early 1960s, would be replaced one by one with the 1970s-era USS La Jolla and the USS San Francisco...
...Here's what's coming
Expansion plans
Renovate X-Ray piers to hold two larger submarines
Replace the USS Daniel Webster and USS Sam Rayburn with the USS La Jolla and USS San Francisco
Remove older office, classroom and storage barges, replace with shoreside buildings
New gate, fencing and other security improvements
Nearly double parking to 1,900 spaces

Training plans
2012 -- 1,200 students per year
2015 -- 1,500 per year
2022 -- 1,800 per year
2020-2022 -- 2,800 per year*
*Temporary assignments while the school at Ballston Spa, N.Y., is refueled
The draft assessment mentioned in the story is here, and says, not surprisingly, that the new training ships will be designated MTS 701 and MTS 711. With Charleston Naval Shipyard closed down, the conversion work will obviously be done elsewhere; I'm guessing Norfolk. When I was a Shift Eng on MTS 626 in '93-'95 and half of our trainees were going to skimmers, I always wondered why they didn't bring of the the cruisers that was decomming during that time in as an MTS; it could have provided lots of office space as well. I think the ship's sailed on that idea...