Where Have All The SUBRONs Gone?

Yesterday's disestablishment of Submarine Squadron 3 follows up last month's folding of SUBRON 2, with their assigned submarines being farmed out to SUBRONs 1, 4, and SUBDEVRON 12. If I'm counting right, we're back down to the same low number of Submarine Squadrons we had at the bottom of the drawdown in the late '90s.

"We're from Squadron and we're here to help" has always been an intentionally ironic statement among Submariners. Have you ever been in a situation where Squadron actually did help? I always liked how they could order sister submarines to give up parts to my boat, not so much the other way around...

[Non-related personal note: As I saw the date of this post, I realized that I was commissioned an Ensign 23 years ago today in Newport. Happy Anniversary to my fellow graduates of OCS Class 89001!]