A Nice Rant

Once again, someone has said exactly what I'm thinking, better than I could.

I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written rant (warning: and strongly worded) by Banagor:
Mohammed was a Rapist, Child Molester, Murderer, Thief, and Liar
Truly, as their own scriptures demonstrate to anyone who will read them, that Mohammed is somewhere between Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler.

It's indisputable.

I've often in private mentioned that although Manson may have said some pithy things, one would be insane to model a way of life on him.

Satisfyingly, Banagor agrees. I'll give just a taste of it here, but the whole thing is well worth reading:
I don’t go around quoting Charles Manson, and Mohammed makes him look like a candidate for beatification. The only reason that Mohammed wasn’t able to do what Hitler was able to do on such a scale was because Mohammed was a God damned cave man with fleas in his hair and he didn’t have the technical know-how to commit genocide on such a scale - not that he didn’t try, mind you.

What amazes me even more is that some Westerners are angry that we have offended Muslims, as if they truly are worshippers of a “religion of peace”. Isn’t it incredible that every time these “peaceful” Muslims are offended, more people die as a result?
Hitler's manifesto, Mein Kampf, by the way, is one of the most popular books in the Middle East to muslims, and held in great esteem, according to these reflections by a Western teacher of English in the Gulf region:
The call to arms is a clear ringing note in Islam. It is clear to me that in order to remain a valid Muslim one must not only support the concept of Jihad, but to actively engage in the struggle against Dar ul Harb.
In 1998 I had a friend of mine who is an Egyptian businessman in Dammam Saudi Arabia. I sometimes visited him and his family for dinner. On the outside he and his family seemed to be like every other family I have known in the West. He has a nice wife with a couple of neat children. They are from Cairo. One day I found myself waiting in their living room while they prepared an especially tasty dinner for me. I love books. I have been an avid reader since before the first grade, so when I find myself in any house I wandered over to the bookshelf to browse through the host’s book collection. The usual geography tomes and books that the children all over the world read were there, but I was shocked when I looked above his collection of business and college books to see two books together. What caught my eye and gave me one of the shocks of my life were back to back on a bookshelf the Koran and Hitler’s’ best selling book Mein Kampf. I was speechless because these two artifacts gave me a window through which I could glimpse their worldview. Everyone knew that Hitler was evil, so therefore his book must be also. The jolting shock came from seeing the great Koran right next to it.
This is the same "Koran", by the way, that we infidels aren't supposed to touch without wearing gloves, as the guards of the terrorists at Gitmo have to do.

An aberration? No:
I noticed these two books in offices and bookshops and in the malls all over the Middle East. I was given a hardback copy of Mein Kampf from an American Caucasian Muslim when he reached the end of his teaching contract in Saudi Arabia. The frequency in which I had seen this book here in the Middle East tells me that this is more than some odd violent Near Easterner’s anti-Semitic attitude, but what had I stumbled on?
What I saw concerning Hitler and his book was disturbing enough, but what I keep hearing from my students and co-workers here is even worse! I wished you could have been a fly on my classroom wall this semester, for this is what you would have head one day when Hitler’s name came up:

“ I love Hitler teacher” “Hitler was a great man!” “ Are you German?” “ I have a picture of Hitler in my heart.” “The Jews have no place in this world” “They will kill us all, so therefore we must kill them.” “We should be happy concerning the deaths in the West.” “I have a picture of Osama on my cell phone!”

“Why was Hitler a great man?” I asked them after outburst like this one. One of my very nicest students I have ever had blurted out; “He cooked Jews in the oven teacher!” I am not a Jew, but inside I was physically sick that day. There have been many such days in my time here among the Arabs in the Gulf region. The above statements were made by the best of the best among their brightest students, and they are not alone, for I hear the same sort of language from intellectuals, professionals, and Medical doctors!
So what does all this say about people -- Muslims -- who by definition CHOOSE to follow Mohammed's Nazi-ish ideology?

Being muslim is not an ethnicity.

It is a declaration of a belief-system.

And of subservience to one of the most evil men in history.

It is a choice. And choices have consequences.

Why aren't they ashamed to be associated with this "man"?

Why don't they distance themselves from it?

Wouldn't you?