Buy Danish!

I just got some yummy Havarti cheese.

I think everyone should see the true face of the enemy. These are British and other "Western" muslims.

One would think if any muslims are "moderate", it would be these.

Does this look moderate, in response to some very mild cartoons?

Their efforts at suppressing free speech are spawning efforts like this. That whole blog is worth a look for its political artwork.

In addition, so far, the Danish and Norwegian embassies have been burned in Syria, a Danish mission was burned in Lebanon, and a Roman Catholic priest was murdered in Turkey by a chanting islamazoid.

Further riots have erupted in Indonesia, Pakistan, New Zealand, etc.

Some Danes are marching in response, to "appeal for a peaceful dialogue to resolve a row":

I sure hope that photo caption isn't an accurate description of that march's goals...Dialogue with this barbarian?

Are you mad?

No quarter!

These times call for New Crusaders. This is a clash of ideas, symbols, and gods.

Break out the old Templar banners!

Beau Seant!