SAN FRANCISCO - State officials on Tuesday postponed indefinitely the execution of a condemned killer, saying they could not comply with a judge's order that a medical professional administer the lethal injection.

Prison authorities called off the execution after failing to find a doctor, nurse, or other person licensed to inject medications to give a fatal dose of barbiturate, said Vernell Crittendon, a spokesman for San Quentin State Prison.
So a Federal judge makes up a new condition -- totally arbitrary -- about who can pull the switch, basically...and no such person steps forward. It's almost like it was planned that way.

What kind of a world do these pepole want to live in?
"We are unable to have a licensed medical professional come forward to inject the medication intravenously, causing the life to end," he said.
Cowards, every last one of you.
It was unclear when the execution would be carried out, but the delay could last for months because of legal questions surrounding California's method of lethal injection.
The American Medical Association, the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the California Medical Association all opposed the anesthesiologists' participation as unethical and unprofessional.
Who is it these noble upholders of virtue are defending?
Morales was condemned in 1983 for killing 17-year-old Terri Winchell, who was attacked with a hammer, stabbed and left to die half-naked in a vineyard.
The victim's mother, Barbara Christian, was outraged by the repeated delays.

"I'm totally disillusioned with the justice system. We've been waiting 25 years with the expectancy that he is gonna pay for his crimes," she said. "It feels like we just got punched in the stomach."
It's been 25 years.

Git 'er done!!!

I'd have done it.

And I would have considered it the height of ethics.