A Threat To MilBlogs

Blackfive, Dadmanly, and Greyhawk all discuss the newest threat to MilBlogs -- the DoD. A National Guard team was activated in July to scan weblogs and other unofficial sources for OPSEC violations:
The team, which works under the direction of the Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, Army Office of Information Assurance and Compliance, notifies webmasters and blog writers when they find documents, pictures and other items that may compromise security.
The team uses several scanning tools to monitor sites for OPSEC violations. The tools search for such key words as “for official use only” or “top secret,” and records the number of times they are used on a site. Analysts review the results to determine which, if any, need further investigation.
Unfortunately, an unscrupulous milblogger could use the information provided in this official Army article to increase their hit counts. While I never use "for official use only" or "top secret" information in my blog, I now understand that by using the phrases "for official use only" or "top secret", I could get visits from the team, and also the follow-on analysts. If I were to say "for official use only" and "top secret" enough, I might even gain promotion within the TTLB Ecosystem. Bwa-hah-haaah!

But I wouldn't do that...

[Note: No "for official use only" or "top secret" documents were used in the writing of this post.]