North Korean Nuke Test Crystal Ball

North Korea has announced that they just conducted their first nuclear bomb test. Assuming the report gets confirmed, here's what I think will happen in the next few days:

1) Lots of U.S. politicians will make lots of scary-sounding statements, all aimed at blaming the other party for letting this happen. When they talk about specific military capabilities, they'll mostly sound stupid.

2) The Security Council will elect the South Korean Foreign Minister as the new Secretary General as scheduled.

3) The stock market will drop initially; within a few days, though, people will realize that the only real change in the military situation on the Korean peninsula since Friday is that North Korea now has one less nuclear bomb, so the market will come back up.

4) Posters at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground will claim that 1) this is all a Rovian plot to distract from the Foley controversy, or 2) that this is the long-awaited Rovian "October Surprise". They won't explain why the North Koreans would want to help out the Republicans.

Update 2243 08 Oct: As usual, Michelle Malkin has much more...