Some Sub-Related Stuff Around The 'Net

Last week, I blogged about my old shipmate taking command of USS Cheyenne (SSN 773). Being the new guy on the block, it looks like they're sticking him with all the pain-in-the-butt VIP stuff, as shown by this story of his ship hosting some actors from the TV show Lost.

Rontini has a couple of fascinating pictures, here and here, of how the Japanese Navy does out-of-the-water maintenance on their submarines without a drydock. Here's one of the pictures:

Lastly, we have reports from Groton of some idiots who defaced the "Submarine Capital Of The World" sign just off I-95. (Video of a news story is here.) The anti-war vandals splashed yellow paint on the sign and also painted "F**k War" in white near the stern:

I'm sure these hooligans think they're helping out Ned Lamont with stunts like this, but I think they'll find they're sadly mistaken.

Update 0723 24 Oct: A 27 year old New London man has been arrested for the vandalism.