Werewolves Of London?

Or is it Seawolves of Guam? Last month, I blogged about reports that USS Seawolf (SSN 21) had made a port visit in Yokosuka; this surprised me a little, because she's not scheduled to transfer to PacFleet until next year. It looks like SubGru SEVEN decided it'd be a waste of time to have her visit only one port in the Pacific while she was there, though, based on some photos a reader sent me from Guam. They were looking for help in identifying the strange sub they saw:

I'd say that based on the "boot" in front of the sail, it could only be a Seawolf- or Virginia-class boat, and she's too short to be my old boat Jimmy Carter. Since Seawolf is the only other such boat known to be in the Pacific recently, I'd say that Guam is getting a visit from the 'Wolf. Here's hoping the crew has a good time, and the maintenance activity doesn't get too confused by all the new systems they'll be working on!

Update 0107 26 Oct: Yep, it was the Seawolf.