Submarine Hall Of Fame

Having never been to Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk (and having only pulled into Norfolk once, for two days), I never knew there was a "U.S. Navy Submarine Hall of Fame". Apparently, though, there is, as this post over at Rontini's Submarine BBS attests:
When a ship is inducted a shadow box is created and displayed in Alcorn Auditorium with a one page history below it. This Auditorium is at the Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk Virginia and is in continually use by today's submarine crews so that they can see a visual display of their heritage. The past inductees have been the following:

USS Norfolk: First Navy Ship to have all Tomahawks land on target

USS Narwhal: 25 years of special operations

USS Nautilus: First Nuclear Submarine

USS Irex: First Fleet Snorkel Submarine

USS Triton: First to circumnavigate the world submerged

USS Grenadier: Forcing a Soviet Zulu to the surface and proving the USSR was conducting deterrent patrols

USS Albacore: First in modern hydro-dynamic design

USS Skate: First to surface at the Geographic Pole

USS Growler: First in Regulus program

USS Parche: Super Secret Squirrel Sub and Most decorated ship in the Navy

It is that time again to nominate another submarine. The criteria for this award is a submarine that made engineering or tactical advances post WWII...
The post goes on to say that nominations for this year's inductee are due by October 17th, and has the E-mail address for Paul Rice of USSVI, who's coordinating the whole shebang.

So which boat not on the list above do you think should be inducted? Should it be USS Connecticut (SSN 22), who set an Alpha Trials speed record (under the expert supervision of her plank-owning Engineer, who spent the middle half of the full-power submerged run in his rack) that will stand for as long as they're still making Virginia-class boats? Should it be your old boat, who became the first submarine in history to make a nuclear repair using EB Green, curable resin, and the DCA's skivvies? Make your nominations (humorous or otherwise) in the comments.