Aboard USS Rhode Island

USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740) recently hosted some journalists for an at-sea media availability, and an Armed Forces Press Service reporter filed this report, posted on Defense.gov. As with most reports where a civilian journalist goes on a submarine, some interesting "facts" are presented. Excerpt:
The Trident subs, known as “boomers,” are powered by a single-shaft nuclear reactor. They can carry more than 16 tons, travel more than 20 knots -- more than 23 miles per hour -- and submerge more than 800 feet, according to Navy officials who keep their exact capabilities secret.
I was interested in the "single-shaft nuclear reactor", and I really have no idea what statistic the reporter misconstrued to come up with the "16 tons" factoid. I'm guessing some crew member said it to the reporter as a joke, and nobody caught it during the editing process.

I was interested to see a mention of a CDR Michael Sowa, identified as the SubGru TEN Deputy COS for Strategic Weapons. I know there were two Mike Sowa's in the Sub Force back when I was on active duty; I'm wondering if this is the one who was one of my JOs on USS Connecticut (SSN 22).

The article also has a picture of the Dolphin Ceremony for PO3(SS) William Corring:

Congratulations, Petty Officer Corring!

Update 1700 9/15: Maybe the reporter meant 16 tons of food -- or 16 tons of crew. It's been so long since I've done a dive comp that I can't remember what we used to put in for a full stores load and crew complement, but 160 guys (for an Ohio-class boat) times 200 pounds would be about right.