Sorry for the light posting; I've been celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary this week.

The new Selective Re-enlistment Bonus message came out today as NAVADMIN 300-10. I'm not patient enough to see if any of the submarine rates had their levels go down since the last message came out, but it looks like Submariners, especially the Nucs, are continuing to do well. (A summary of the changes overall between the two messages is as follows: 26 skills have been removed, 34 multiples have decreased, 101 skills (~63%) remain unchanged. It looks like the Navy is cutting back on SRB payments.) With more senior nuclear-trained enlisted personnel being eligible for up to $100,000 through the Enlisted Supervisor Retention Pay program (ESRP), and more junior Sailors in Zone A getting up to $75K and Zone B getting up to $90K, it looks like there's some good re-enlisting money to be had for Submariners. (Through the ESRP, there are even some SRBs available to those in Zone D, 16-20 years.)

The big thing on my boat was always re-enlisting in the war zone, where the whole bonus was tax free. I'm assuming that's still the case, and I hope some of the Submariners on USS Norfolk (SSN 714), who just returned from deployment, were able to take advantage of that.

What's your best story about re-enlisting?