Bangor TTF CO Fired

Story at Navy Times. I'll update with the link in the morning.

Update 0827 15 Sep: Here's the link to the Navy Times story. Excerpt:
The commanding officer of the Trident Training Facility in Bangor, Wash., was fired Tuesday because of “inappropriate personal behavior,” according to a Navy spokesman.
Capt. David Solms, the 14th CO fired in 2010, was relieved Tuesday by Capt. Kenneth Swan, commanding officer of Submarine Learning Center in Groton, Conn., said William Kenny, a spokesman for the learning center.
Kenny said the relief stemmed from “inappropriate personal behavior” that led to a loss of confidence in Solms’ ability to command. Kenny said he could not characterize the nature of the behavior.
Here's a story from September 2009 when CAPT Solms assumed command. The Navy Times article also has the list of the previous 13 COs fired this year. This blog grabbed CAPT Solms' bio before it got taken down from the TTF Bangor website; it looks like CAPT Solms did his JO tour on USS Helena (SSN 725), Eng tour on USS West Virginia (SSBN 736)(Gold), XO tour on USS Ohio (SSBN 726)(Blue) and command tours on USS Alaska (SSBN 732)(Blue) and USS Hawaii (SSN 776), where he was the plankowner CO.

For those who have been E-mailing me, yes, I've heard that there's more "news" coming out of Bangor other than this story, but I generally don't publish anything until it gets into the public domain.

For my standard "question" at the end of a post, let's give this one a shot: Have you ever been a CO who didn't realize that if you did something stupid someone was going to find out, and that people can't get away with the same crap that they could even a few years ago?