Baby Nukes To Get Smarter?

Check out this post, with accompanying documention, from NavyCS Blog. It says that they're raising the academic requirements for incoming enlisted Nuclear Field candidates to “increase the chances for Nuclear Field pipeline training and Fleet success, and lower academic attrition in the Nuclear Field training pipeline.”

Basically, it looks like they're raising the minimum required score on the NAPT (which looks like the replacement for the old Nuclear Field Qualifying Test, except you don't have to take it if your ASVAB composite is high enough) and tightened up the high school math requirement to look at grades.

What do you think? Will this lower attrition? Personally, I've always thought Nuke School attrition (at least on the enlisted side) was good for the Navy; a lot of the best Submariners I knew were "Nuke Waste", and they might not have come into the Navy without the nuclear carrot and concomitant cash dangling in front of them. On the other hand, I can see if people have a problem with what has always kind of looked like a classic "bait-and-switch" recruiting technique.

What do you think? [Alternate question: Is "Nuke Waste" a derogatory term? I've always thought that people had no problem with it, but since I was a Nuc officer maybe the guys weren't being completely honest with me. If it is derogatory, I apologize for using it.]