Navy Uniform Updates

Here's a story on the new Navy uniform message (NAVADMIN 025/11). In addition to authorizing cutlasses for Chiefs, it finally allows Sailors to wear "portable electronic devices" on their belts. This is a long-overdue change, and by "long overdue" I mean that it's kind of OBE since most PEDs fit in your shirt pocket nowadays. Unless, of course, there are Pentagon staffers who want to run around with an iPad strapped to their waist. Luckily, the message still prohibits the use of the Borg-looking Bluetooth earwigs when indoors. I have an unreasonable dislike of those things, wondering why the person thinks they're so important that they have to save that extra second to answer the phone, apparently an urgent call from the President. Plus, they look demented when they're just standing in the middle of a room talking when there's no one around.