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Now that both my sons have left on two year missions for our church (to Romania and Northern Chile), and my wife and daughter have full time jobs, I should have more time to catch up on some long overdue blog admin tickler items. One of the tasks I have to catch up on is removing old comments that people complain about because they contain their names and reflect them in an unfavorable light. I'll generally remove the comments when I can (it helps if the complaining party lets me know which post they are under) unless the person has been the main subject of worldwide news items, such that entire posts would have to be deleted.

Commenters can help me out by refraining from giving the full name of the person they're talking about if it isn't mentioned in the original story. Most of us Submariners will probably know who you're talking about, or if we don't the name won't really add anything to the story. In my case I use "He Who Must Not Be Named" to talk about one of my old COs (although I do note that I did match his name with the moniker in one post a couple of years ago); just using a first name and last initial should be fine.

For those of you who are worried that you are were too much of a dick and are afraid that your name might show up here, please know that this isn't the only submarine site on the web, and if I delete all the comments here, there's nothing I can do about people posting somewhere else. Also, when I do delete them, it will probably take a while for them to get purged from the Google cache; they'll have to re-image the page, which might take months if the post is really old. If you're a Submariner who is now -- or is thinking about becoming -- a dick, remember that those to whom you exhibit your dickishness are free to mention it almost anywhere on the Internet they want, on sites where the administrator might not honor your request to remove comments. One possible solution is just not to be a dick to your fellow Submariners.