Blogroll and Random Thoughts

Some additions to the blogroll at the right.

First, the old New Spew is now the new Whiz Blog; thanks to Shep for pointing out the new link!

Recently I noticed I was being linked to by Canadian blogger Samantha Burns, who isn't really a political blogger but is clearly an anti-idiotarian.

I found some links to amusing things there, like this chart of the geek hierarchy. Note that many of the arrows go in both directions! I was definitely disturbed to see that Furries consider themselves the top of the geek hierarchy!

And I've also added One Cosmos, a blog by a psychologist (joining such names as Dr. Sanity, Neo-neocon, Shrinkwrapped, and SigmundCarlandAlfred as culture-war blogging shrinks. I should get around to adding all of them to the blogroll too!).

These psychoanalyzing bloggers become all the more relevant as, as many are noting, it seems logic and reason just don't matter anymore.

Left-wing progressivism and its MSM cohorts seem to be descending into irrational madness, and violent outbursts are starting to pop up more frequently as the cognitive dissonance becomes unbearable. For example:
LGF operative ciaospirit went to the Council on American-Islamic Relations anti-Israel rally on July 28 in Columbus, Ohio—and was physically assaulted twice by Dr. Ahmad Al-Akhras, Vice Chair of CAIR-National.
Not to mention the similarly thuggish behavior of pro-Hezbollah demonstrators in Boston. Or mobs attacking Prime Minister Howard in Australia. Or the muslim who, angry with Israel, killed a woman in the Seattle Jewish Center and shot several more.

All that in what, two weeks?

How else but through mental instability to explain portraying Lieberman in blackface, and calling Israel's existence a "mistake" in the Washington Post (and many places elsewhere like Daily Kos and New York Magazine)?

It's hard to tell the Left today from the President of Iran!

I won't even go into the several high-profile meltdowns and scandals from left-wing professors and bloggers in the last month.
In one of the most despicable leftist attacks ever, Deborah Frisch, psychology professor at the University of Arizona, has been threatening Jeff Goldstein’s 2-year old child. [“Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby”]
Ok, so I did go into it a little...

And similarly, more fabricated "news" will arise, such as this completely forged photograph that al-Reuters ran yesterday that purported to show heavy smoke billowing from Beirut -- except the heavy smoke was photoshopped in, clumsily, with the "cloning" tool.

This is what happens when you have a news agency with an agenda, that employs photographers from the enemy camp. The propaganda work of the photographer, Adnan Hajj, is well known, but he has now apparently graduated from mere "staging" of photos (and of being well-connected enough with terrorist groups to always seem to just be in the right place at the right time, if the events he has covered such as the Qana "massacre" weren't cynical set-ups from the get-go) to outright forgery.

It wasn't retouching (like the Condi "devil eyes") or editing, it was pure fabrication.

Did they think we wouldn't notice? Did they even care? Professionals say the photoshopping is so obvious that Reuters editors should have spotted it immediately -- but they didn't.

Who can ever believe anything that comes from al-Reuters again? It is an organ of enemy propaganda.

As is the NYT with cozy photos like this one.

Let that sink in: major news outlets are feeding you false information in a time of war.

Oh my, it looks like now there are several photos from Adnan Hajj that Reuters ran, that have been deliberately photoshopped to create outright lies, and then backed up with fabricated captions! Tip o' the iceberg...

By the way, have you seen that Hezbollah has media relations officers? Here are their cards. No, these are not photoshop jokes!

I decided to blogroll One Cosmos for this trio of articles I stumbled across, that delve into the psychohistorical and spiritual roots of the current convlict, and why the Judeo-Christian Way is better.

See here, here, and here.

I call those "Must-reads."

It's all about the children.
You are hopelessly historo-centric and ethnocentric if you fail to realize how rare this attitude toward children is. The monsters among us are attracted to children in an entirely different way. There is a deep psychological reason why child sacrifice was so ubiquitous in the ancient world, and why it is so pervasive, albeit in disguised form, among our enemies today.

The death-worshipping Palestinians--perhaps the most sick and evil culture since the Ancient Aztec--systematically poison the souls of their children with hatred of the light before sending them off to murder innocents on behalf of their sinister god. They use their children as “human” shields, for that is what they are: the little humans that the monsters hide behind, for some part of their twisted mind realizes that we value their children more than they do. And if one of them is accidentally killed, the monsters know how to play on our guilt. Although they cannot empathize with children, they intuit that we have a soft spot for them, and know that they can manipulate our sensibilities with the cooperation of the dupes of the Western media.
Years ago, I remember someone, in an argument with me over whether Israel or the Palestinians were in the right, claiming that "the Palestinians just want to be left alone to raise their children like everybody else", I had to reply, "no, they don't!" -- and ended up sounding like a loony.

But I was right.