Satan's Tactics

Jihad thrives on ignorance and brutal ideological enforcement.

In Afghanistan,
Militants have targeted schools, burning 144 to the ground over the past year and forcing another 200 to close following threats against teachers and students, according to officials. More than 200,000 children have been unable to continue their education as a result.

The insurgents claim that educating girls is against Islam and oppose government-funded schools for boys because they teach secular subjects besides religion.
Found via Belmont Club, according to Die Welt,
Hezbollah’s barbarism is legendary. Gen. Effe Eytam, an Israeli veteran of that first Lebanon war, tells of how--after Israel had helped bring "Doctors without Borders" into a village in the 1980s to treat children--local villagers lined up 50 kids the next day to show Eytam the price they pay for cooperating with the West.

"Each of the children had had their pinky finger cut off."

None of the weapons in the IDF arsenal could level this disparity in will.
Children's TV is a source of indoctrination, according to translators at Here are collected examples from tv for kids in middle eastern culture.

The videoclips have titles such as:
Mothers of Hizbullah Martyrs: 'We Are Very Happy And Want to Sacrifice More Children'

Jews Turn into Apes and Pigs in Claymation Film for children

Iranian Animated Film for Children Promotes Suicide Bombings

Egyption Cleric Tells Group of Children about Child Martyrdom

Tehran Children: 'We Came to Say Death to Israel, Death to America'

TV Special on the Culture of Martyrdom